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Wadhurst Castle Wedding Film by Ioannis Crouch

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Wadhurst Castle Wedding Film

Wadhurst Castle is exactly that. A castle!

Nothing more satisfying than having a job that takes you to a castle for the day to film a huge celebration and party. This wedding had such a fun vibe to it as it was so international. A lot of people were arriving straight from airports and there were many touching reunions to be seen as the day began.

The ceremony was inside, one speech was outside. The couple changed for a traditional Tea Ceremony which was lovely. Plus right at the end, the Groom surprised his Bride with a choreographed dance alongside his Groomsmen. Everyone was in sheer delight at the surprise.

Photography was undertaken by the brilliant Michael at

Ashdown Wedding Photography

If you are getting married at Wadhurst Castle, get in touch to discuss your ideas. I always film in a relaxed unobtrusive style with the intention to capture the day as it happens.

Wadhurst Castle

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