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Ravenswood Wedding Film by Ioannis Crouch

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Ravenswood Wedding Film by Ioannis Crouch

The Ravenswood is a lovely wedding venue. So remote you'll lose your mobile reception as soon as you drive into its car park!

I have a massive preference to secluded rural wedding venues. Add to that a bit of history in the venue itself and it ticks all my boxes. The Ravenswood is one of those venues where its very easy to follow the action as it unfolds. Everything is near by, from walking through the gardens for photos, indoor/outdoor ceremonies and the gorgeous halls inside.

I love how the space develops in the evening, you have a large space for the music and dancing and then people can spill out onto the terrace or down into the gardens to enjoy the long warm Summer evenings.

Looking forward to going back and filming more there soon!

The Ravenswood


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