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Leonardslee House & Gardens Wedding Film

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Leonardslee House & Gardens Wedding Film

This was my first time at Leonardslee House. I felt like I was stumbling into a hidden gem. The house itself is gorgeous and proved to be the perfect place for an intimate international wedding celebration. What was a real surprise was the extent of the gardens and lakes behind the house. A short walk down into the valley leads you to a stunning complex of lakes, paths and beautiful woodland gardens.

If you were ever to visit make sure you take a look at the Leonardslee Wallabies. At certain times of the year you can see the feeding of both the Wallabies and baby Joeys.

Trivia on Wallabies:-

"Breeding season is in January and February, and gestation lasts for just 29 days! Bennett’s wallabies are born weighing less than 1 gram and climb into their mothers’ pouch where they continue to develop. Joeys stay in the warm, safe environment of their mothers’ pouch for about nine months and remain with their mothers, continuing to nurture for an additional three - nine months."

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