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Bignor Park Wedding Film - by Ioannis Crouch

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Bignor Park Wedding Film

A beautiful video introduction to Bignor Park. Out of all the wonderful wedding venues I visit this stands out as a little be extra special. It has a limited number of weddings per year and is privately owned this creates a very personal and intimate atmosphere to each wedding that takes place here. All weddings are coordinated by the amazing Louise, she’s always brilliant on the day and has ensures every wedding runs smoothly from beginning to end.

The first hour of filming a wedding day is very exciting. Firstly I am greeted with the astonishing beauty and history which @bignor_park has in spades. I have a theory that so much happens in a single wedding day that its equivalent to 6 months of normal time/life. The couple get a chance to chat with all their friends and family on the same day, they explore a beautiful National Trust style location, enjoy a fantastic meal (in this case an incredibly creative Vegan menu provided by Carole at @thenakedfoodco), then they dance the night away with live music!

I’m lucky, in the sense that its my job to accompany couples on their wedding day and most importantly, to do the day justice. At this particular wedding I was lucky enough to work alongside Tom Durn @TomDurnPhotography. He has such an easy-going relaxed approach that it made my day doubly enjoyable. He’s a very talented guy and well worth keeping an eye on.

The full menu was Vegan which everyone loved and went down brilliant, but what caught everyone’s attention was the desert. It was a vegan banana bread, soaked in maple syrup, with sauteed bananas, a vanilla soya crème pâtissière, salted caramel with toasted pecans! I was lucky to recieve a portion and it was as good as it sounds!

Bignor Park

Tom Durn

The Naked Food Company

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